Yes, the Malaysian Road Conference (MRC) & Exhibition, currently eleventh in its series, which was initially scheduled in November 2020 was postponed indenitely due to rising infections from the covid-19 pandemic. With the country’s envisaged migration to the endemic stage, this much awaited event by the local and regional road engineering fraternity will now be held from 11 to 13 October 2022 at the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, albeit with strict adherence to the standard operating procedure implemented by the government to contain the surge of infections.

The Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) in collaboration with the International Road Federation (IRF) will jointly host a simultaneous Asia-Pacic Regional Congress, with both events carrying the theme Towards Resilient Road Infrastructure.

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PRE LAUNCH 11th Malaysian Road Conference & Exhibition 2022

The biennial Malaysian Road Conference (MRC) held since 1994 has evolved into a premier national and regional platform for presenting research ndings, discussing and exchanging ideas on cutting-edge technologies relating to the development, construction, management and maintenance of roads, highways and related infrastructure. The MRC is a much sought-after event for those involved in the nance, design, construction, management and maintenance of road infrastructure projects.

This series is jointly organised by the Ministry of Works, Malaysia, Public Works Department, Malaysia, Malaysian Highway Authority, the Road Engineering Association of Malaysia and International Road Federation in collaboration with the Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia and Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research and in association with World Road Association (PIARC), Korea Road Association, Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (Malaysian Branch) and the Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia.

The Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA) was formed in 1973 with a permanent secretariat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The REAAA (Malaysian Chapter) was established in 1993 to facilitate technology transfer at local and international levels. In 1997, the REAAA (Malaysian Chapter) was renamed Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) to meet national aspirations.

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The International Road Federation is a global not-for-prot organisation, headquartered in Washington, DC since 1948 and supported by regional offices throughout the world. The IRF serves a network of public and private sector members in more than 70 countries by providing world-class knowledge resources, advocacy services, and continuing education programmes which together offer a global marketplace for best practices and industry solutions.

Event Theme

Resilience, the ability to swiftly get back to the state of normalcy after facing devastating adversity is pivotal for any society and its economy.

Road infrastructure worldwide is inextricably linked to society through the provision of a variety of essential services including road infrastructure . As such, towards ensuring uninterrupted viability of this vital infrastructure, measures need to be in place in advance to counter the impacting challenges as a result of weather extremes, climate change, population growth and aging existing road networks.

Among others, one strategy to further enhance the resilience of road assets is by way of identifying, revising and developing and subsequently implementing the design, construction and maintenance standards.

The technical sessions in this series have been formulated to address and nd solutions to the inevitable challenges ahead.

Local and international papers in tandem with the theme will be presented and discussed at the technical and workshop sessions with one special lecture by an international expert each day. Senior managers and leading practitioners in road engineering from corporate sector organisations including officials from the government will present up to date, highly relevant and practical information on the increasingly complex road environment. The technical programme, which will include papers from IRF, is very exible with a choice of speaking streams or workshops on each day. Delegates may freely swap between both streams.

The entire proceedings will be conducted in English.

The joint event is programmed to invoke interest in all those in the road industry, be they road concessionaires, expressway regulators, related government authorities, consultants, contractors, project managers and engineers from public and corporate sector organisations. Based on the overwhelming response and support to the past 10 MRC series, some 900 local and overseas delegates are expected to register for this much awaited event. Overseas delegates will have the invaluable opportunity of sharing the Malaysian experience in the various elds of road engineering.


Participating professional engineers registered with Board of Engineers, Malaysia will be accorded CPD hours.

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11th Malaysian Road Conference   -   World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, 11-13 Octboer 2022